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Here are the Questions we are asked most often.


How do you answer those who have heard the false advertising claim that the new versions are easier to read and understand?

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How do you answer those who do not know that the King James Bible matches precisely the readings seen in over 99% of the extant (existing) Greek and Hebrew manuscripts and traditional foreign version editions, while the NIV, NASB, CEV, NRSV, NAB, etc. match less than 1% of such evidence?

For a thorough answer to this and the following questions see New Age Bible Versions and The Language of the King James Bible. For expanded updates to these books, call or write to order the following items which may not be online yet.



How often have you heard a Bible teacher say, "The word here actually means," only to have him unknowingly parrot new version readings — all because he is unfamiliar with the corruption which has affected his Greek and Hebrew reference books (Strongs, Vines, Thayer, Gesenius, Brown, Driver, Briggs, Liddell and Scott, etc.)?

Language and Lexicons $5.95
Gail Riplinger (Audio tape 2 hours)
Covers the 'Roots of the language of the new versions and the corruption of current texts, lexicons and grammers.' This tape answers those who protest, "... but the Greek and Hebrew say.."



How do you answer those who want to update some of the 'so-called' archaic words in the King James Bible like 'bewray' to 'betray', 'alway' to 'always', 'prevent' to 'precede', or 'chambering' to 'sexual immorality'?

Subliminal Embeds $2.50
Gail Riplinger   Folio 8 pages
Discusses the embedding by the media (TV, ads, etc.) of the new versions updated substitute, coupled with grotesque imagery.



Is there any new research since the book, The Language of the King James Bible?

More Language $5.95
Gail Riplinger    Audio 90 min.
(Also included is a folio demonstrating the new discovery that 'Sound Equals Sense'. Shows that only the KJV retains the Hebrew root consonants and meaning 'built into' the sound of its words.)



Can you give documentation for the following?

1.) The publisher of obscene material, Rupert Murdoch, controls the printing of the NIV.
2.) NIV stylist, Virginia Mollencott, is a lesbian, who promotes witch covens.
3.) The NIV usually matches the changes and omissions in the Jehovah Witness Bible.
4.) The word 'Lucifier', in Hebrew, cannot be translated 'morning star'.
5.) The NIV changes basic Bible doctrines.
6.) There are differences between NIV printings.

NIV Documentation $5.95
(Xerox copies)



What about the NKJV? Is it from the same Greek and Hebrew text as the KJV? What is the history behind it's strange logo? What are some of the differences in NKJV printings? (Also answers the questions, 'How can I find a KJV church, missionary, or school?' and lastly, 'Is there any biblical support for God's rare use of woman?'

NKJV Expose' $12.00
Gail Riplinger   Video 1 hour
(Also included, a new expanded edition of "Answers Minton II," usually $2.50)



Do you have a set of lessons I can use to teach my church, Sunday School, or Bible Study about the errors in the new versions?

12 Lessons $35.95
Gail Riplinger   100 Overhead transparencies
This set contains more verse comparisons and is not the same as the 100 sheet 'Transparent Translations' set which contains both pictures and verse comparisons.

(Xerox handout availabale) $14.95



Does the NKJV follow the Traditional Greek and Hebrew Texts?

Answers Minton II $2.50
8 page folio
Proves the NKJV ignores the Traditional text.



Is there new research by other authors showing the problems in the new versions?

Serious Omissions in the NIV $5.95
Book by Keith Piper
Which Bible Can We Trust? $15.00
Book by Les Garrett
NIV or King James $25.00
Powerful video with Les Garrett
Double Jeopardy $11.95
Book listing NASB printing changes
KJ21 Expose' $2.50
Booklet by Kevin Stewart
Case for the King James Bible $7.00
Book by Dr. D.A. Waite



What scholarly materials have recently become available that addresses the issue of the corrupt Westcott & Hort Greek text (ie. the Vaticanus) and the true text?

The Traditonal Text $16.00
Book by John Burgeon (Summary $3.00)
Causes of Corruption $15.00
Book by John Burgeon (Summary $3.00)
New Essays on Westcott
Paper by Dr. James Sightler
The Septuagint $6.95
Spiral bound research by Dr. F. Jones



How can I answer those who say there are errors in the KJV?

Bible Problems $15.00
Book by Dr. Gerardius Bouw
Chronology of the Old Testament $21.95
Spiral bound book by Dr. F. Jones
Accompanying Charts $14.00
Foes of the KJV $9.00
Book by Dr. Waite answering John Ankerberg
Answer Hunt Again $1.50
Folio(4 pages) by Gail Riplinger


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