New Versions & Their Defenders Critiqued

 Partial List of Corrupt New Versions
 Partial List of Corrupt Manuscripts

 Critique of NIV and NASB

  Partial List of Corrupt New Versions

 AMP  Amplified Version
 ASV American Standard Version
 CEV  Contemporary English Version
 KJ21  21st Century King James Version
 NAB  New American Bible (RC)
 NASB  New American Standard Bible
 NCV  New Century Version
 NIV  New International Version
 NIVI  New International Version Inclusive
 NKJV  New King James Version
 NLT  New Living Translation (The Book)
 NRSV  New Revised Standard Version
 RSV  Revised Standard Version
 RV  Revised Version
 TEV  Today's English Version (Good News For Modern Man)


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