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the King James Bible

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The King James Bible contains God's Built-in Dictionary, defining each word, in its context, using the very words of the Webster's and Oxford English Dictionaries!

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Acronym Dictionary and / or Reference Source

The following abbreviations help to quickly identify the key authoritative dictionary and reference sources used throughout The Language of the King James Bible.

 CDEE  Concise Dictionary of English Etymology
 CED  Concise English Dictionary
 DWOA  Dictionary of Word Origins (Ayto)
 NRTDF  New Roget's Thesaurus in Dictionary Form
 NSD Nuttall's Standard Dictionary
 ODEE  Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology
 OED  Oxford English Dictionary (unabridged)
 SDWO  Shipley's Dictionary of Word Origins
 WBE  World Book Encyclopedia
 WCT  Webster's Concise Thesaurus
 WEB  Webster's 1828 Dictionary
 WED Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary
 WNC  Webster's New College Dictionary
 WUD  Webster's Unabridged Dictionary


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